Dairy Safe

Dairy Foods Australia

I am the founder of "Dairy Foods" the company. Thank you for taking a moment to research our product range.

Way back in the early 80's along with my mother Peggy we began an ice cream manufacturing company. Specialising in premium ice cream, yoghurt, and later milk powder blended ingredients.

We are proud to have been at the forefront of the industry in the early eighties when the Australian Food Safety Regulations and HACCP certification was implemented.

After 2008 when issues occurred within the Chinese dairy industry, we were quick to invest in a new infant formula, blending and canning plant.

Ours was the first independently owned infant formula manufacturing plant in Australia and New Zealand to be servicing Chinese and Asian markets.

I and my team are committed to growing Australian dairy.

Following a lifelong passion for premium quality dairy produce we now (along with the support from a major international dairy and local farmers) have created a range of adult and children's nutritional powders.

The ingredients and formulations are at the cutting edge of advanced research with an emphasis on protecting, building, and strengthening adults immune system and assisting with safe growth of the children.

As a strategy we have engaged manufacturing partners so we can offer large volumes to all markets throughout the world.

We have a passion to servicing the young, the elderly and everyone in between.

I look forward to offering you a guaranteed commitment to service and quality with a scientific edge!

Simon Hansford