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Milk Powder Australia

Milk Powder Australia

Our discerning international clients are comforted with the knowledge that all products are manufactured in Australia.

Strict Supervision without compromise from government authorities guarantees independent monitoring followed by regulated procedures beginning with the collection of raw milk at the farm gate through the entire manufacturing process to final destination - the family home.

Our plants are certified to international standard and operate in an environment far greater than required by Western or Chinese authorities.

All milk products are tested (microbiological and nutrients) by independent 3rd party external NATA registered laboratories before shipping. 

Customers of Milk Powder Australia are aware that we have extensive manufacturing experience dating back to the early 1980’s.

Firstly making premium ice cream and yogurt then establishing the very 1st blending and canning facility in the world that specialized in the manufacturing of infant formula for the discerning Chinese market in 2009. We reacted quickly without hesitation and established a facility that catered to the great demand that was caused by the crisis that evolved throughout the Chinese dairy industry in late 2008.

We were there then and still here now.

International and Chinese consumers purchase products we supply because we are trusted, honest, knowledgeable and experienced makers of fine dairy products and in particular infant formula.

Integrity is guaranteed followed by a commitment to the highest quality ingredients, service and professionalism.

Since 1980 we have strived for excellence. Building strong business relationships with independent Australian, New Zealand and international farmers and dairies that help guarantee continuity of supply in large volumes of premium quality ingredients.

Our dairy ingredients are sourced from farms that have qualified to all regulatory international high standards with exceptional levels of quality.
We will not compromise our customers wellbeing under any circumstance.

We take great pride in selecting the very best ingredients.

Our products must be nutritional along with flavorsome.

Our team is equipped to work in conjunction with suppliers technical team to develop and formulate innovative ingredients & products.
Having these years of experience in dairy industry gives our customers confidence no short cut will be taken.

Todays dairy industry is littered with faceless opportunistic companies established with the sole intension to make a quick dollar and cash in on high demands for dairy products currently being experienced.

We were established in 1980!

We will continue to invest in our people and be at the forefront of the technical challenges that the dairy industry presents.

With a passion we are proud to walk the world stage and build strong business relationships with leading international manufacturers to be able to offer premium quality and safe dairy ingredients with competitive pricing for all markets throughout the world.