Milk Powder Australia

Milk Powder Australia, develop and manufacture premium, affordable and unique dairy products for the export markets of South East Asia, China, India, South America, Middle East and Africa.

Our range of products includes: Adult Nutritional Milk Powders, Infant Formula, UHT -  protein, yogurt and milk drinks, Scoop Ice cream, Soft Serve ice cream and yogurt, Drinking Chocolate

Using Australian premium quality ingredients.

Our discerning international clients are comforted with the knowledge all products are manufacturing here in Australian plants under the strict supervision of AQIS - Australia Quarantine Inspection Services, and Dairy Food Safety Victoria, ensuring that all products comply with Australian, Chinese and international health regulations and standards.

All milk powder products are tested (microbiological and nutrients) by independent external NATA registered laboratories in Australia before shipping.  

Milk Powder Australia has built strong business relationships with independent local Australian businesses, farmers and dairies that help guarantee continuity of supply in large volumes of premium quality ingredients.

Our dairy ingredients are primarily sourced from Australia, predominately Victoria’s lush rich grazing farms and accredited dairies known for their abundant supply of premium fresh milk.

Our team is equipped to work in conjunction with client’s technical department or sales team to develop and formulate innovative ingredients & products. We have many years of dairy industry experience and in addition to this we are continually updating and expanding our information resources.

Our Quality Assurance staff are trained in Australian, International and particularly Chinese Food Safety standards programs.

The technically advanced plants are certified and fully operative, continually investing in personal and new equipment to ensure they meet our clients stringent requirements.

To complement our Australian manufacturing plants we are proud to walk the world stage and build strong business relationships with leading international manufacturers so to be able to offer competitive pricing for 3rd world markets.